Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Short List - May 17, 2011

  • The United States has reportedly sped up talks with the Taliban in an attempt to reach a framework before the draw down of U.S. troops begin in July.  A U.S. official is quoted specifically has saying that Pakistan has been briefed "only partially."  Meanwhile, early today NATO forces and Pakistani forces exchanged fire(NYT) near the border after NATO forces entered Pakistani airspace.

  • Sources in Tunisia are reporting that the Libyan Oil Minister has defected after crossing into Tunisia yesterday.  Qaddafi regime officials have said that the minister "is working in his office."

  • A bomb was found on a bus headed to Dublin earlier today, just as Queen Elizabeth II arrived to visit Ireland.  It is the first visit by the British monarch since Ireland achieved independence.

  • Rep. Paul Ryan was in Wisconsin defending his budget plan after coming under attack on all sides.  I have not read the whole speech, but it sounds pretty boiler plate, misleading, partisan stuff.  Here is Ezra Klein's take at first blush.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed that he fathered a child with a long time member of his household staff.

  • The Economist reports that the Boston Consulting Group is advising many of its clients to set up factories in the United States again.

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