Monday, May 23, 2011

The Short List - May 23, 2011

  • Pakistan's military regained control of a naval base in Karachi, 16 hours after the Pakistani Taliban took it over.  Meanwhile, the Taliban is denying reports that Mullah Omar is dead.

  • Yemen's President Saleh has balked at a U.S.-backed deal that would have granted him immunity if he were to step down.

  • Obama followed up his speech on the Middle East, by taking the same message to AIPAC.  A bit surprisingly, there was applause when he reiterated his desire for two states based loosely on the borders that existed in 1967, a desire that has angered Israel PM Netanyahu.

  • Daniels is out, Pawlenty is in as the gaggle of Republican candidates begins to thin out and shape up.

  • China is changing the food industry, and food prices are unlikely to come down soon.

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