Monday, April 11, 2011

The Short List - April 11, 2011

  • The federal government shutdown was averted late Friday, and so now, before the complete FY2011 budget compromise is passed talk turns to the FY2012 budget.  President Obama will announce his plan to deal with the deficit this week, following the release of Rep. Ryan and House Republicans' "Path to Prosperity" budget plan which would fundamentally change Medicare and Medicaid as well as lowering the highest tax bracket by 10%.

  • The African Union has said Qaddafi has accepted a cease-fire and the AU's roadmap to peace.  Stops along that roadmap remain unknown and rebels were understandably skeptical of the roadmap.  Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, will present the roadmap to the rebel leadership today.  Meanwhile, Qaddafi's attempts at PR with the journalists in the country are amateurish(NYT), poking further holes in his anemic credibility.

  • Violence continues(NYT) in the Ivory Coast, as French forces seek to oust deposed president Gbagbo from the bunker he has been hiding in for over a week.

  • A moderate Wahhabi leader was killed in Kashmir on Friday.

  • Women were detained in Paris today, protesting the France's veil ban.

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