Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Short List - April 13, 2011

  • As Britain and France criticize(NYT) the lack of intensity in the NATO reaction to the situation in Libya, the rebels new  field commander discusses his two decades in Northern Virginia and hoping for the U.S. to take a larger role.  There seems a growing feeling that the U.S. should be making a more active, direct role in the situation.

  • Libya's defected foreign minister, Moussa Koussa, has warned a civil war would make Libya "a new Somalia."  Meanwhile, NPR has the first in a three part series about the efforts of Somaliland to fight piracy off its shores.  Despite functioning as a country, the U.S. does not recognize Somaliland.  DCExile makes the case for recognition here.

  • The heads of the CIA and Pakistan's ISI met for over four hours yesterday in Langley trying to repair the damaged relationship between the two agencies.  At the blog Abu Muqawama, Andrew Exum believes the U.S. should stand firm.  Meanwhile, the CIA can't retain talent as the allure of defense contracting has drained the leadership of the agency since 9/11.

  • Obama's national security advisor, Thomas E. Donilon, hand delivered a letter to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  The two countries have had strained relations recently as KSA works to cool the Arab Spring, seeing Iranian plots on all sides, while the U.S. tries to thread the needle in supporting democracy, but keeping its key ally in the region.

  • Authorities in Belarus have arrested a suspect in connection to the subway bombing there on Monday.  Early reports indicate authorities believe opposition groups conducted the bombing.

  • The UN has announced a team of human rights experts that will explore the recent violence in the Ivory Coast during the presidential election stand off.

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