Monday, April 4, 2011

The Short List - April 4, 2011

  • The situation in Libya muddles on as the rebels try to find a leader or three(NYT), while their military effort has stalled.  However, the rebellion may be having some effect as emissaries for Qaddafi have met with leaders in Greece and plan to meet leaders in Turkey.

  • In the Ivory Coast, the UN has decided to relocate 200 civilian workers after days of sniper fire and harassment by pro-Gbagbo forces.  Meanwhile, French forces have locked down the airport in Abidjan.

  • In an apparent shift, the Obama administration is quietly seeking the removal(NYT) of President Saleh in Yemen.

  • Protests entered their third day in Afghanistan, after people took to the streets to protest a Florida pastor's burning of the Koran.  As if further evidence was necessary, the pastor appears to be an egomanical leader requiring cult like obedience from his followers, the number of which have dwindled since the Koran incident.

  • A government shutdown is looming for Friday unless a budget deal can be worked out, but Congress remains publicly divided even as the staff of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees seek compromise, continuing the Kabuki theater of Washington, where admitting to seek compromise is tantamount to defeat.

  • President Obama, almost a little surprisingly (snark intended), has announced he will seek the Democratic nomination for President in 2012.  Though widely expected, what's unexpected is that President Obama would officially declare his candidacy before any major Republican candidate would do the same.

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