Monday, April 11, 2011

What Kind Of Day Has It Been

  • Laurent Gbagbo's claims to the presidency of Ivory Coast met an ignoble end today, as he was arrested after French forces intervened. 

  • The strain in U.S.-Pakistan relations increased today as Pakistan requested the United States scale back CIA activity in Pakistan (NYT). Until recently, despite rhetorical disapproval of the drone campaign, it had been clear that Pakistan was cooperating with the United States in its war in Northwest Pakistan. 

  • Libyan rebels rejected outright the AU cease-fire proposal already accepted by Qaddafi. Despite claiming a willingness to accept the cease-fire, Qaddafi pressed the attack in Misurata

  • A likely bomb was detonated in the Minsk subway, killing 11 so far

  • Without much fanfare, Mitt Romney is officially running for President (NYT).

  • And the uncompromising wing of the GOP will apparently occupy the 2012 Senate field.

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