Friday, January 28, 2011

Haiti Photobook - Hope for Haiti

Good friend of DCExile, Skyler Badenoch, recently published a photo book titled Haiti: Ti Moun Se Riches (Haiti: Our Children are Treasures) of his time in Haiti before, during, and after the earthquake that ravaged an already poor country.  You can buy the book here and all of the profits will go to Hope for Haiti.  Skyler is an amazing photographer and all his photos speak to a common humanity that unite us.

I had the opportunity to talk to Skyler about his experience in the country after the earthquake and the events he recounted are some of the most amazing I think I will ever hear in my life, for the tragedy of the quake, the selflessness and poise of those on the ground immediately afterward, and the enduring resilience of the Haitian people that continues to today.  I really encourage you to buy the book, not only because it supports a good cause, but because the photos will connect you to people thousands of miles away in a way that no written word can.

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