Friday, July 29, 2011

Boehner angles to remain Speaker, Doom US Economy

I have to agree with Ezra when he says:

In order to have any chance of surviving as Speaker of the House, Boehner needs to produce legislation that is completely unacceptable to the White House and the Senate. Their opposition is a feature, not a bug. Consider how he sold his plan to Laura Ingraham: “President Obama hates it. Harry Reid hates it. Nancy Pelosi hates it. Why would Republicans want to be on the side of President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi [is] beyond me.”

Why anyone would think that a plan loathed by the Majority Leader of the Senate and the President of the United States would be signed into law is beyond me. And since then, Boehner has moved the plan considerably to the right. But that’s because he’s not legislating. He’s just trying to survive.

And it's very disappointing. I've been arguing that Boehner should cut a deal, despite his caucus. History remembers Speakers who compromise. Tip O'Neil comes to mind. Even Newt, as much as he was the foil to Clinton, is remembered for welfare reform. Think anybody will remember Denny Hastert in 20 years?

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