Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Short List - July 26, 2011

We're Back

  • The man who is allegedly responsible for last week's bombing and shooting rampage in Norway admitted responsibility, but entered a plea of not guilty.  He said he wanted to save Europe from "Muslim domination."  It is a reminder that "rhetoric is not cost free" whether espousing Muslim or Christian superiority.

  • Hamid Karzai encourages Afghans to realize NATO support is winding down, but also says any future NATO or US military involvement must be done on Afghan terms in a double game that seeks to return to the country to the darkness that engulfed it during the Taliban's rule.

  • Thousands of land mines slows the progress of Libya's rebels.

  • India and Pakistan are set to begin peace talks tomorrow.  The continued enmity between the two South Asian countries has prompted more then one nuclear showdown and distracted Pakistan from the threat within its borders for years.

  • The UN will airlift food to the famished regions in Somalia this week.
  • Dueling speeches were broadcast over the airwaves last night in the debt ceiling/deficit debate.  Obama called for shared sacrifice, while Boehner  said Washington spending is out of control.  House GOP freshmen are apparently out of ideas after Cut, Cap, and Balance is tabled in the Senate.  It's worth noting that the federal government hasn't been in compliance with the figures in Cut, Cap and Balance since the 1950s, which is to say neither Reagan, nor either Bush would have been in compliance.  Meanwhile, market watchers are waiting for the bond market's patience to run out.  Cataclysm to follow.

  • Meanwhile, in another area of no compromise, the FAA has had to furlough employees as Congress has not passed an extension for funding.  It would be the 21st such extension, but it has been sullied by strings attached by the House that the Senate does not agree with.

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