Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Kind Of Day Has It Been

  • Libyan rebels began today with a goal of taking al Qawalish on the road to Gharyan, and take it they did. Rebels also progressed outside of Misurata towards Zlitan.
  •  President Obama is being once again incoherently criticized by the Right for his treatment of terror suspects. Specifically, so-called Hawks are angry that, after detaining a Somali terror suspect for two months in military custody and interrogation, the suspect was handed over to the FBI for civilian prosecution. Evidently it would show greater resolve to subject him to military tribunals--never mind the dismal record of those tribunals and the questionable jurisdiction they would have over this suspect.
  • The US issued warnings today about terrorists traveling on aircraft with implanted bombs. Notably, the implantation of a bomb in the rectum of an AQAP suicide bomber is credited with sparing the life of Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef.

  • Elliott Spitzer's comeback hits a road block.
  • There's been a fair amount of chatter about Romney's $18 million Q2 haul. I'm more interested to know how he has a burn rate of 30% this early. Dear Lord that sounds like one top-heavy campaign!
  • The Supreme Court will decide Medellin again.

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