Friday, February 17, 2012

The Short List - February 17, 2012




Colin said...

House Republicans hosted a hearing on birth control and contraception without a single woman testifying.

Hmm, I read the WashPost story and didn't see anything about only women testifying. Meanwhile, the NYT coverage of the same hearing notes that "The committee heard testimony from two women, both opposed to the administration policy."

Jason said...

My mistake. Two women did testify, but the Chair of the committee did not allow any witnesses requested by the minority to testify.

Bret said...

Brooks probably wasn't just under the rock for last season, but for the whole history of American professional sports, in which many (most?) participants are religious. But he's in good company, with all of the Tebow critics that managed to overlook every other player that has ever kneeled in prayer in the endzone, pointed at the sky, or thanked god in a press conference. Brooks's argument suffers from selection bias. He's making inferences based only on observations of the players that are most inclined to self-aggrandizement. I would speculate that most athletes are just pretty humble, hard working role players.

Jason said...

I very much agree with that. Without note, almost every NFL game ends with an inter-team gathering at the 50 yard line for a brief prayer.