Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ron Paul Wins CPAC Staw Poll!

Ron Paul won today's Conservative Political Action Conference's presidential straw poll. Rep. Paul was the first choice among 30% of CPAC participants, followed by Mitt Romney with 23%, and a gaggle of potential candidates, none of whom broke 10%. Notably, Mike Huckabee, who won the 2008 Republican Iowa Caucuses, was the first choice for the GOP nomination of only 2% of participants. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, garnered 3% of the vote.

The importance of the CPAC straw poll is certainly questionable. The same poll conducted four years ago was won by Mitt Romney. The actual eventual 2008 GOP nominee, Sen. McCain, came in last place with only 12% support. Sam Brownback, on the other hand, brought in 15%. And, in 1999, Steve Forbes beat out George W. Bush.

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