Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Short List

  • In Egypt, Vice President Suleiman has announced that a plan and timetable for the transition of power has been formulated.  Protesters in Tahrir Square remain, and no word yet from opposition groups.

  • Wikileaks, founder Julian Assange, is fighting extradition to Sweden in connection with charges of sexual misconduct.  Part of his defense is a claim that he fears rendition by the U.S. government if he is extradited to Sweden.

  • Volkswagen employees have negotiated for a substantial increase to their share of profits.  For some time, the union had accepted modest pay increases for greater job security.

  • "Republican delaying tactics, slow White House nominations and a dysfunctional Senate confirmation process," have lead the federal judicial system to a crisis point.

  • The Economist gives a view on the ground of Pakistan today versus five years ago.

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