Friday, February 25, 2011

The Short List - February 25, 2011

  • As the international community works to respond to the situation in Libya, a day of protests is expected in Tripoli.  In Benghazi, where the rebellion began, opposition groups are working to sustain the rebellion, but also govern Libya's second largest city.  The Economist gives a thoughtful piece on how the West deals with dictators.

  • Iraqis took the the streets in several major cities to protest for better government services.  Some of the protests turned violent and reports indicate people have been shot by government security forces.

  • The Economist considers what the Arab Spring may mean for oil prices.

  • A NATO supply convoy in Pakistan was attacked today killing 4.

  • The Washington Post chronicles the challenges freshmen congressmen face after voting to cut spending.

  • Daily Graph combo: China's provinces' GDP as countries and then U.S. states' GDP as countries.  Both Arkansas and Jiangxi province have a GDP close to Kazakhstan.  Illinois, meanwhile, is only bested by Guangdong province and has a higher GDP then Turkey.  

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