Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Short List

  • The situation in Libya remains opaque to the rest of the world, but at this point there appears to be a race to chaos and violence which looks set to engulf the country.

  • Following on the heels of the Wisconsin protests, union members in Ohio protested a similar bill in that state that would greatly weaken collective bargaining by state employees.  In Indiana, another bill appeared to have died as Democratic lawmakers state away.

  • In New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie laid out a budget plan that would assail public workers, including teachers.  **Editorial Note:  I liked Gov. Christie, but promises of shared sacrifice seem to be only empty rhetoric and his claims to have inspired the governors of New York and California seems conceited.**

  • Rahm Emanuel won the Chicago mayoral race last night, receiving 55% of the vote in a 6-way race.

  • Somali pirates killed four Americans they had taken hostage aboard a yacht on Tuesday.

  • The search continues for survivors in Christchurch, New Zealand following yesterday's earthquake.  Seventy-five people have been reported killed.

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Colin said...

How are Christie's promises of shared sacrifice empty rhetoric? New Jersey already has the highest tax burden in the country, so the state's taxpayers have already been sacrificing for some time. Christie is simply asking the public sector to join the party.