Friday, February 4, 2011

The Short List

  • Massive anti-Mubarak protests continue in Egypt.  NYT gives us a visual of the situation yesterday.  The Muslim Brotherhood has declared they will not field a candidate in a new presidential election.  The Obama administration has suggested Mubarak step down and recently appointed Vice President, Omar Suleiman (interviewed yesterday), take charge of a transitional government.  Pro-Mubarak protesters have targeted journalists in recent days. 

  • Pakistan's ruling party, Pakistan People's Party, is set to dissolve and resize the government's cabinet.

  • A drought in China could put more strain on an already jittery food market.

  • A report on the Foot Hood attack, released by the Senate, faults the Army and the FBI.

  • The Economist considers Germany's "new Wirtschaftswunder" as their economy has been doing remarkably well.

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