Thursday, February 3, 2011

Egypt - What DCExile is Reading

  • Michael Rubin at America Enterprise Institute says the White House "must stay one step ahead of the [Muslim] Brotherhood."

  • Lawrence Pintak, writing at Foreign Policy, is jumping the gun labeling the situation in Egypt "The Al Jazeera Revolution" a bit in declaring, "The era in which government broadcasters can manufacture reality is as dead as the age of the fax. "

  • Fareed Zakaria, writing at Time, gives the best assessment of what's to come in Egypt, admitting the level of uncertainty.  He notes that Egypt may be more inclined to result in an "illiberal democracy" more akin to Russia, then Iran.  He also notes that Islamist populism is an issue because under authoritarian regimes, "[t]he one place they could not shut down was the mosque, so it became the center of political activism and discourse, and Islam became the language of opposition."

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