Monday, March 14, 2011

The Short List - March 14, 2011

  • The earthquake that shook Japan last week continues to impact the country as there are fears of a nuclear meltdown.  Japan's Central Bank has taken steps to ease the markets.

  • In Libya, pro-Qaddafi forces appear to be beating the opposition forces, while France presses for a no-fly zone.

  • Bahrain's ruling Sunni minority have called for forces from Saudi Arabia to help put down protests in the small island nation.  There were reports submitted to SecDef gates that Iran had told the majority Shiite protesters to reject a government offer of dialogue.

  • Violence worsens in Ivory Coast, and the Economist speaks to one of its correspondents on the ground in Abidjan (audio).

  • State Department spokesman, P.J. Crowley has resigned after comments he made concerning the treatment of suspected Wikileaks leaker Bradley Manning.

  • The EPA continues to come under withering criticism from Congressional Republicans for trying to protect the environment.

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Colin said...

May want to check the first link in the bit about Libya.