Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Short List - March 15, 2011

  • In Japan, the steady march of bad news continues with 2,722 people reported dead and thousands more still missing, while nuclear reactors at Fukushima Daiichi lurch toward meltdown.

  • Iran has blasted Saudi Arabia for sending troops into Bahrain, and state-run media called it an invasion.  Iran's Foreign Minister said, "People [of Bahrain] have some legitimate demands and they are expressing them peacefully.  It should not be responded to violently."  Apparently it's do as a say not as I do for the Iranian government.  The U.S. wonders how to react to Saudi Arabia, an erstwhile (and oft unreliable) ally.

  • Ten Republican Senators have sent a letter to Sen. Reid saying they will block any non-budget legislation.

  • The National Rifle Association has declined an invitation to be part of a discussion on gun safety hosted by the Department of Justice in the wake of the Tuscon shooting.

  • A new Washington Post-ABC News Poll indicates just 29% of independents trust Republicans to deal with the economy, a drop from 42% in January.  Additionally just 31% of those polled believe the war in Afghanistan is worth fighting.

  • The peculiarities of the Brazilian labor market (print/audio).

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