Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Kind Of Day Has It Been

  • As NATO appears to ready itself to takeover operational control of the intervention in Libya, the tide in the fight between Qaddafi and rebels appears to be turning. If a tipping point is near, look for events to start accelerating as the regime crumbles.

  • While the world is fixated on Libya, the Arab Spring continues in Jordan, Syria, and Yemen.

  • Spasm of violence between Israel and the Palestinians may be related to a split within Hamas.

  • Michele Bachmann moves yet closer to running for President.

  • Gentrification has had a serious impact on DC's demographics--the African-American population dropped by 11% in a decade and now barely forms a majority of the District's residents.

  • Meanwhile, I'm puzzled by the sudden interest in the (Constitutional) meaning of "war" in the United States. A notable change compared to the last . . . sixty years.

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