Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Short List - March 30, 2011

  • In Libya, government officials have confirmed reports that a limited number of the rebels in that country are part of or have ties to al Qaeda and Hezbollah.  Libyan opposition groups have maintained contact with these groups for years.  The United Kingdom has expelled five Libyan diplomats loyal to Qaddafi.  Reuters is reporting (no link available at press time) that Uganda has offered Qaddafi asylum, which helps explain Ugandan President Museveni's op-ed at CNN about the Qaddafi he knows.  Seriously.

  • Syria's President Assad has said "conspirators" are fomenting unrest in that country, in what has become a classic turn of phrase for dictators.

  • International recognized president-elect of Ivory Coast, Ouattara, and forces loyal to him have seized several towns in that country.

  • House Republican leaders have begun appealing to moderate Democrats in hopes of avoiding a government shutdown over the budget CRs.  They appear ready to make concession to those Democrats, in the face of staunch resistance to compromise on their party's right flank.

  • In Wisconsin,a judge has enjoined the implementation of the controversial bill that would strip public employee unions of their collective bargaining rights.

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