Monday, March 7, 2011

What Kind Of Day Has It Been

  • The Gulf States call for a No-Fly Zone over Libya. The UK is said to be drafting a UN Security Council Resolution to authorize such a measure.

  • The Obama Administration issued an Executive Order restarting periodic status reviews at GTMO. Lawfareblog provides analysis. Detentions are still being legally justified under the dubious heading of law of war detention--notably, the purposes of law of war detention is protective (and temporary), not punitive. There's a fairly good argument to be had that GTMO detention is now punitive.

  • In a move that should surprise no one, Maliki's government is using force to stifle dissent in Iraq. I would not hold my breath in anticipation of triumphant Op-Eds in the Washington Post by apologist for the Bush administration premised on this data point. 

  • Ensign is out..

  • And crude stays up..

  • Finally, Warner Brothers fired Charlie Sheen.

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