Friday, March 25, 2011

The Short List - March 25, 2011

  • In Libya, it is clear some of the populace remains loyal to Qaddafi.

  • In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood rises in prominence, causing concern among the secular opposition groups.

  • It appears President Saleh of Yemen is preparing for an exit, but conditions are being negotiated, and there remains a great deal of uncertainty.

  • Thousands in Dara'a, Syria marched in protest of government killings of demonstrators from earlier protests.  The outburst of dissent in that country has been remarkable, and violent acts by the government seem to sustain the protests much as they did in Iran in 2009.

  • Japan has only begun to assess the extensive damage to its infrastructure following the earthquake and tsunami that befell the country two weeks ago.

  • As U.S. Special Forces trainers prepare to leave Iraq, there are concerns the 4,000 strong force they leave behind could become the private militia of Prime Minister al-Maliki.

  • As state budgets are tightened, unemployment benefits are on the chopping block.  Ten Year U.S. T-bills are trading at 3.39% this morning.

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