Monday, March 14, 2011

What Kind Of Day Has It Been

  • The Libyan No-Fly Zone battle has moved to the UN. Meanwhile, pro-government forces are pressing the rebels on multiple fronts. The rebels, for their part, managed to lose then retake Brega

  • Japans nuclear woes are worsening. Fear of radiation exposure is threatening the nuclear power industry in the United States and Europe. This causes DCExile to revise its advice from a month ago to short gasoline. Fossil fuels will be a good bet for a while. Light sweet crude remains over $100/b.

  • Politico compares Sarah Palin to Al Sharpton. While Politico means this as a negative comparison, DCExile cannot help but observe that Al Sharpton, though possessing many faults, was a civil rights leader. Sarah Palin has done, well, nothing. More on this later.

  • And, Laurent Gbagbo has barred UN aircraft from flying Ivory Coast.

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