Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Kind Of Day Has It Been

  • Pressure is growing on the Obama administration to take a stand on Syria even as the brutal crackdown there gets worse and Syrian protestors demonstrate extraordinary courage.
  • Despite their withdrawal from Mogadishu earlier this month, al-Shabbab is still hampering famine relief there. It's important to recognize that famine relief would likely not be necessary if Somalia had even a shadow of a functioning government -- the TFG has been an unmitigated failure.
  • For at least the second time in two months, Ali Abdullah Saleh has announced his impending return to Yemen. This Editor continues to doubt he will ever return and cannot imagine that his return will do anything positive to that ever more restive failing state.

  • Perry caught it from both sides today after ridiculous and hyperbolic criticism of the Federal Reserve and its Chairman.
  • Fitch will not downgrade the United States's credit rating.

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