Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Kind Of Day Has It Been

  • Yemeni opposition groups have formed a revolutionary national council made up of political parties and youth groups who are trying to advance and consolidate the Yemeni revolution.
  • The opposition noose around Qaddafi tightens.
  • Turkey launched attacks against PKK targets inside Iraq. And I, for one, am interested to see Turkey's next step vis-a-vis Syria and its brutal crackdown. R2P anyone?

  • Bachmann claims she'll drive gas below $2/gal but provided no details as to how -- maybe she'll have a national pray for cheaper gas day ala Perry. The GOP can't do better than this? [As an aside, personally, I think Perry's problem is that he didn't invite J.J. Grey and MoFro]
  • ThePage (terrible, on vacation) asks as its parting shot who is stronger electorally, Perry or Romney. I gotta go with Perry on this one -- Texas is a 38 EV strong prize that falls in his column automatically.

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