Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What Kind Of Day Has It Been

  • Today's Taliban raid in Kabul continued into the night. The Taliban struck the Afghan Intelligence HQ, the US Embassy, and NATO military headquarters.
  • Mustafa Abdul Jalil gave his first speech in Tripoli today, outlining the NTC's vision of post-Qaddafi Libya.
  • Oh, the Euro.

  • Democrats wait with bated breath for the outcome of NY-9 special. Regardless of who wins, the GOP has already won the message war. 
  • And the White House has managed five days of message discipline. This may be unprecedented in the Obama White House (@carlyhawk fact check?). There's hope for the re-elect yet.
  • Warren is in. If I were Scott Brown, I'd be cursing my GOP refusenik brothers in the Senate.
  • US poverty rate reaches staggering proportions.

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