Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Kind Of Day Has It Been

  • The Washington Post reports that the NTC is having difficulty bringing its manifold militia under a unified command. Also, the NTC is having trouble bringing Sirte and Bani Wald under its control.
  • The Economist reflects on ten years of war in Afghanistan. It amazes this Editor that it has been that long--he can remember having conversation seven and six years ago about how there was no way to do a proper job in Afghanistan because we would never stay the decade or more necessary for counter-insurgency. Unfortunately, we have stayed long enough but still not done the job necessary or well enough. 
  • Syria: Still a Nightmare.

  • Matt Bai is an idiot. Apple is an institution. Not only that, it is a remarkably authoritarian institution. And, despite the fact that it makes slick looking products, and despite the fact that Microsoft is the big evil corporation of the internet, Apple guards its hardware and its software jealously, stifling user customization and third-party development.
  • Just when DCExile was about to have to take down the message discipline counter, the White House steps in.
  • No one could have predicted . . . . 

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