Monday, June 20, 2011

The Short List - June 20, 2011

  • Syria's President Assad has blamed the unrest there on vandals and "saboteurs" further proving his disinterest in a constructive political dialogue.

  • The effort to coax Taliban leaders to join the Afghan government is showing very limited success(NYT).  But don't worry, Afghans are true locavores(NYT).

  • EU finance ministers have failed to reach a deal(NYT) to avert a Greek bankruptcy.  This will put further pressure on the fragile Greek government.

  • As ousted Tunisian President Ben Ali's trial begins(NYT) in abstentia in Tunisia today, he is claiming he was tricked into leaving.
  • The SEC is under scrutiny from Congress for a lease they signed for new office space in DC.

  • U.S. based companies are pushing for a repatriation tax holiday(NYT) on funds they have outside the country.  In such a holiday the regular 35% tax rate would drop to 5.25% for one year.

  • Hospitals are looking to lure primary-care physicians into hospitals to work alongside specialists.

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