Monday, June 6, 2011

The Short List - June 6, 2011

  • Yemeni President Saleh has fled to Saudi Arabia to seek medical care for wounds suffered in a rocket attack on his palace last week.  It is unlikely he will return to Yemen, and so as the Arab Spring continues a power vacuum has been created and many will try to fill the breach.  The United States wonders what becomes of its counter-terrorism efforts against Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

  • Israeli troops fired on Palestinian protesters in the contested Golan Heights as the protesters marched onto the territory.

  • An update from Libya says the rebels have claimed the northwestern town of Yafran.

  • In Sudan, with South Sudan's independence day just over a month away, provocative and violent moves by the Sudanese army as not seen as a way to prevent independence, but to redraw the border and the oil wealth(NYT) that lines it.

  • Fewer then one fourth of states have taken steps to create healthcare marketplaces that are part of the ACA legislation.  Only Louisiana has declared they will not make such a marketplace, allowing the federal government to step in.

  • Rick Santorum is officially running for President, expanding the Republican field even further.

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