Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Short List - June 8, 2011

  • A Congressional report set to be released today will detail how U.S. nation-building efforts in Afghanistan have failed to gain traction, and likely won't be sustainable once U.S. troops withdraw.  This is a "duh" moment for people who have spent any time learning about Afghanistan's history, and will likely keep the planned troop withdrawal on schedule, if not speed it up.

  • Protests broke out again in Yemen as government officials rebuffed a call by the opposition party for negotiations.  A government official went so far as to say that no negotiations will take place until President Saleh return from Saudi Arabia, sparking thousands of protesters to take to the streets.

  • Iran's nuclear head has said that his country will use new centrifuges to triple the production of highly enriched uranium.

  • The NATO-secretary general as reiterated that no ground troops will be placed into Libya after Qaddafi stepped down.  The comments come as the bombardment of Tripoli has been stepped up and he believes "it is no longer a question of if he goes but when he goes."

  • Pakistani intelligence is reporting that U.S. missile strikes killed 23 suspected militants today.  The separate strikes were the fourth and fifth strikes this week, and we've only just reached Wednesday.

  • The EU is asking the UN Security Council to pass a resolution condemning the state violence against protesters in Syria.
  • The Washington Post's Fact Checker takes aim at Pawlenty's ludicrous economic assertions.

  • Unionized Wal-Mart employees abroad are appealing to Wal-Mart executives to give U.S. store workers the same rights as their abroad colleagues enjoy.

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