Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Short List - June 22, 2011

  • President Obama will address the nation at 8pm tonight to lay out his plan for Afghanistan.  It is being widely reported that Obama will listen to several generals that have asked for more time in the country.
  • Syria's foreign minister told journalists that the EU is seeking to "plant strife" in that country following the government's brutal crackdown on protesters.  While the foreign minister was softer in his language toward Turkey, it is clear relations between the neighbors are strained.
  • At least 40 Al Qaeda militants have escaped from a prison in south Yemen.
  • Sudan's President al-Bashir has threatened to block the oil pipelines that run up from what will soon be South Sudan if a deal on oil revenue is not reached by the time July 9th, when South Sudan becomes an independent country.
  • Bahrain has sentenced 8 protesters to life sentences following the anti-government demonstrations that happened in that country earlier this year.
  • Violence has returned to Nothern Ireland over the last few nights.  The police believe the Ulster Volunteer Force sparked violence, and a cascade effect has begun.
Let's all just bask in the bipartisanship that got Leon Panetta confirmed 100-0.

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