Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Kind Of Day Has It Been

  • Sky News is reporting the outbreak of violence in Aleppo between police and demonstrators.
  • The U.N.-sponsored tribunal for the assassination of Rafik Hariri has handed down four indictments, including two for suspected members of Hezbollah.
  • Oil prices are back up to pre-release levels.

  • Mark Halperin more aptly described himself than the President today -- and earned himself a suspension from MSNBC for his troubles. This Editor asks, when will TIME do the right thing?
  • The FEC ruled in Stephen Colbert's favor. Colbert immediately filed papers for the formation of a so-called super PAC.
  • The Senate confirmed General David Petraeus 94-0 as the new Director of Central Intelligence.
  • The Justice Department has announced that it will investigate the deaths of two detainees held by the contractors employed by the CIA.
  • New York moves to lift its fracking ban while New Jersey moves to ban the practice.
  • And Eric Cantor, who walked out of debt ceiling talks last week, stands to make a profit if the talks fail. So, Cantor has a conflict of interest and he is betting against America. Oh, but he's serious about the debt.

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